Financial Advisory Services

In this professional services line, ACTIOM acts as an “adviser” to industrial holdings, private equity firms and investors on the assessment, design and delivery of tangible improvements to the strategy and the operations of the operating portfolio entities, resulting in increased cash flows

The scope of intervention is focused on mature industrial assets valued at over $500m, operating across countries where owners and senior executives have ambitious and challenging objectives

The value resides in the ability to accompany the General Managers and Partners along key phases of the corporate life cycle: strategic audit, planning, restructuring, development and divestment.

The credentials come from the ability to flexibly assemble teams of seasoned professionals with proven methods to match the specific client needs over the engagement life cycle:

-  Management consultants with decades of experience in strategic & operational consulting for large corporations
-  Turnaround practitioners with international experience
-  Industry and market specialists, including for Emerging Economies (BRIC)
-  Investment specialists
-  Professional developers and Change management specialists

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