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Human Resources Management

In this professional services line, ACTIOM acts as a “partner” to organisations on the review of the Human Resources strategy, the Organisational design, the People capability assessment, the Training Needs assessment, the Training Programme design, development and execution.

The scope of intervention is at any point in the organisation life cycle from start-up to expansion, diversification, rationalisation or scaling down

The value resides in the ability to support management along all the phases of the people life cycle: recruitment, training, coaching and outplacement.

The credentials come from the ability to orchestrate the engagement of specialist professionals with proven records to match the specific client needs over the organisational life cycle:

-  Organisational assessment and design, ensuring alignment with corporate strategy
-  People skills evaluation
-  Training design, development & execution (Gold partner of the Training Foundation)
-  Training designers and trainers
-  Executive search companies

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