Supply Chain Management

The concept of “Supply Chain” has progressively emerged from of the traditional functions of purchasing, logistics and operations from a recognition that a customer-oriented approach to managing the end-to-end value creation from suppliers to customers would bring invaluable benefits.

Such a concept has now become strategic as a result of a double phenomenon: increased outsourcing made external purchases a strategic cost factor and the globalisation of economies made Logistics and Operations vital functions in the value chain.

Many organisations adopted the concept often electing an official supply chain function but few actually managed to maximise the performance improvement potential of the concept. Indeed, improving Supply Chains is challenging: many players need to be involved, many geographies are concerned and problems are multi-faceted and interdependent.

Addressing the Supply Chain Improvement challenge, ACTIOM has created a cross-functional systemic approach spanning from strategy, organisation, processes and technology to human resources management: the results are outstanding. To know more about the ACTIOM’s way, please contact us.

Selected examples:

- Assessed and reviewed the supply chain organisation & distribution strategy of a consumer-goods company.
- Designed and co-implemented the supply chain transformation of a manufacturing relocation from Western Europe to Russia.
- Assessed, designed and co-implemented the supply chain transformation of a manufacturing relocation from Western Europe to the Czech Republic and to Poland.
- Assessed end-to-end supply chains, using a comprehensive systemic approach spanning across strategy, organisation, processes, technology and human resources management.

In face of the growing importance of Supply Chain Management while recognising the current limitations encountered by aspiring Supply Chain Professionals, ACTIOM developed The Supply Chain Foundation ® as a global professional services organisation dedicated to the enhancement of the Supply Chain profession worldwide.

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