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White-papers and other resources

In order to show-case its capabilities and thought leadership, ACTIOM has written a set of white-papers,
the list of which is given below.
Document list:
1.Are you still driving your supply chain from the rear-view mirror?
2.Business Globalisation - in search of structure
3.Capability Development - the strategic imperative
4.Defence logistics support – the future
5.e-Sourcing: the use of on-line auctions for business to business negotiations
6.Logistics outsourcing outlook in the GCC
7.Low-Cost Country Sourcing: a supply chain perspective
8.Low-Cost Country Sourcing: in reverse gear?
9.Skills shortages in Supply Chain Management
10.Supply Chain Governance: the hidden imperative
11.Supply Chain Optimisation in turbulent times
12.Supply Chain Optimisation: what benefits of this end-less quest?
13.Supply Chain Outsourcing: strategies in search of value
14.Supply Chain Relocation to Low-cost countries: strategic framework & illustrations
15.Total Cost of Ownership: a multi-functional perspective
16.Simulations - de réalités virtuelles à performances réelles
17.Serious Games - virtual realities fuelling real performances
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